Jane Rosen

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JANE ROSEN, A Menagerie of Metaphors, at the Maier Museum of Art

September 10, 2014 - The 103rd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art at Randolph College

The 103rd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art:

A Menagerie of Metaphors

Opening Reception
Friday, September 12
6 to 8 p.m.

A Menagerie of Metaphors, curated by Kathy Muehlemann, Randolph College professor of art and department chair, highlights the work of artists who use images of animals in their art, including Jane Alexander, Louise Bourgeois, Nick Brandt, Walton Ford, Jenny Lynn McNutt, Jane Rosen and Kiki Smith.

Muehlemann describes the premise of the exhibition:

Animals present a rich trove of associations. As interwoven as they are in our literature, art, and daily life, they maintain an otherness as well. These seven artists present a wide range of responses to the animal. The gaze and the answering gaze within these works set in motion many emotions. The enchanted realm of animals has many doors to enter and mirrors back to us a spirit.

This exhibition will be on view through Sunday, December 14.


more info: http://maiermuseum.org/2014/08/26/the-103rd-annual-exhibition-of-contemporary-art/

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