Patricia Iglesias


Patricia Iglesias Biography


Patricia Iglesias (b. 1974) was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  After apprenticeships with Pablo Edelstein and Philip Pavia, in Argentina and Italy respectively, Iglesias moved to the United States to study first at the Savannah College of Art and Design and subsequently at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Iglesias has participated in several group and solo shows, both in the United States and Argentina. Currently, she lives and works in New York City.



I have always been fascinated with color. I need it around me and on me.

There were several things that motivated this last body of work. One was a very close death and the other a very close birth. Flowers were something they both shared.

In these important rituals of life, like weddings and funerals, celebrations, flowers are always present announcing beginnings and endings.

I thought they were the perfect starting point then.

Having being born in Argentina, color was always around me, from the rich color textiles from the north of the country to the very wardrobe and kitchen of my grandmother's house.

Flowers have been used in decoration from textiles to wall paper to silverware, and associated with making things "more beautiful.” In my opinion, flowers have also been a way of concealing, hiding the ugliness the pain, the rotten.

When I look outside of my studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I see concrete and grey buildings; maybe this work is my reaction against this bleak landscape that has little in common with my colorful Buenos Aires.

But I also believe that as in Quevedo's work; these flowers are the excuse; the starting point.