Shawn Dulaney


Shawn Dulaney Biography

Shawn Dulaney’s paintings, layered constructions of color merging to form spacious abstractions, have been described by William Zimmer of the New York Times as belonging to “a very strong tradition, that of 19th-century Northern European Romanticism in which nature was seen as corresponding to human emotional states.”  He says of her work, “Ms. Dulaney makes it clear that her inner life is very much a part of each painting, and this alone distinguishes it from most abstraction… Shawn Dulaney is deliberately out for grandeur.  But she is also out for intimacy. Her paintings take advantage of their innate ambiguity and declare themselves to be very current in the thinking that lies behind them.”

Her pieces are subtle, lush with color and a depth of detail that engages the imagination and conveys a weight of emotional connection to atmospheres and places.  Her surfaces, as described by Dominick Lombardi-also of the New York Times, are “exquisitely painted,” and “a pleasure to see.”  She achieves the same understated transcendence in all of her work; the large-scale acrylic paintings, intimate frescoes or in her work on paper.  Doug McClemont of ARTnews Magazine writes that Dulaney’s paintings “concern the earth, and the unyielding hand of nature.”

Shawn Dulaney has worked as a painter for over three decades, exhibiting nationwide. Her paintings can be found in extensive public collections worldwide such as the Hunterdon Museum of Art in New Jersey, the Trump International Hotel in New York, The Venetia Resort in Macan, China, as well as in the private collections of author Annie Proulx, actor Steve Buscemi, artist Jo Andres and musician Stuart Copeland. Her landscapes have also appeared in episodes of TV’s Sex & the City and Portlandia, the films It’s Complicated and Interview, and in the HBO series Enlightened. Her work has been reviewed in ARTnews Magazine and the New York Times, and has been featured in Parabola Magazine and New American Paintings.

She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.