Isabel Bigelow

Isabel Bigelow Press: Art in America: Isabel Bigelow, January  1, 2009 - Susan Rosenberg

Art in America: Isabel Bigelow

January 1, 2009 - Susan Rosenberg

"For the eight new oils on panel in this exhibition, Isabel Bigelow reduced natural forms to iconic silhouetted shapes in compositions strongly influenced by Japanese prints. Minimalist and decorative, her work makes landscape the occasion for an extremely refined treatment of materials and painting surfaces."

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Isabel Bigelow Press: Elle Decor Magazine: Isabel Bigelow, January  1, 2008 - Linda Yablonsky

Elle Decor Magazine: Isabel Bigelow

January 1, 2008 - Linda Yablonsky

"Some people would say that painting is a spiritual act, but as a student Isabel Bigelow took this idea literally. After entering Harvard University in 1984, Bigelow eschewed a fine-arts major in favor of comparative religion. 'The ideas and methods of prayer and ritual resonate profoundly with the practice of creating art,' says the New York City artist. 'Through the process of painting—the repeated marks and motions—something happens that brings about a transcendent moment.'"

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