Andrew Zimmerman, Expansion Series


PRESS RELEASE: Andrew Zimmerman, Expansion Series, Feb 28 - Apr 12, 2008

Andrew Zimmerman, Expansion Series
Feb 28 – Apr 12, 2008

Press Release


Andrew Zimmerman

 February 28 – April, 2008

Expansion Series


Sears-Peyton Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of New York based artist Andrew Zimmerman. Expansion Series is a collection of recent paintings.


Andrew Zimmerman’s recent work situates itself somewhere between painting and sculpture.  Combining elements of both practices, while refusing to be either, the work gathers its strength in the tension it creates between them, as well as in other, more clearly oppositional, categories.  These objects are sculpted and painted; they are additive and reductive, moving toward harmony while suggesting an imminent entropy.  They are produced mechanically but by a guiding human hand.  Attached to the wall by an underboard akin to the wood support of a painting, from a distance the works look like irregularly shaped, abstract canvases with flat patternings of lines.

-Jeff Kopie

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10 -6, Saturday, 11- 6