John Huggins, Once


PRESS RELEASE: John Huggins, Once, Oct 17 - Nov 16, 2013

John Huggins, Once
Oct 17 – Nov 16, 2013

John Huggins, Once

October 17- November 16, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 17th


Sears-Peyton Gallery is pleased to present their fourth one-person exhibition for California based artist, John Huggins. This is the gallery’s first exhibition of Huggins’ new series, Once. The exhibition will feature eleven photographs.


          I began the Once series in 2002 after the death of my father. The images are an attempt to recreate memories through the use of found imagery.  They are personal memories to be sure, but ideally also function as universally shared ones. Like a memory, they are “soft” and the subjects are pared down to their most basic components; just as a memory tends to lose its peripheral and extraneous details while shape, color, location and mood persist. The images are shot on 2 ¼ x 2 ¼  film transparencies (chromes) with a 1940’s  twin lens camera. The compositions are shot soft on location in the camera.  By shooting them soft in the camera it allows the image to be in sharp focus in the final print rather than creating a print that is out of focus.  I believe memories are less about the minutia of a past moment and more about the idealized perception of a long gone reality.  This series is ongoing. 

                                                                                                -John Huggins


The Once series is made up of 32 x 32 inch prints and each is an edition of 23.



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